Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Winding Roses

I'll keep this one short & sweet, just to say that I took advantage of a knitting circle meeting at Barnes & Noble in Louisville last night to wind the hank of Aurora Whisper "Roses" in a feline-free environment.

It was delightful. Not only did I *NOT* have to worry (for once) about our youngest cat precipitously launching herself at the swift from across the room (honestly, I've seen her do it!!), but I enjoyed having people to talk to while I did so too, because the 1250 m skein went on & on. And on. That's 1362 yards!!

Here is what it looks like now, with the shades of rich, dreamy color all intermingled (click on the photo for a larger view). The yarn felt incredibly soft running through my fingers as well. I think I'm in love...

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