Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back to the Blog, Part II: Stornoway Update

Although I must confess myself thoroughly entranced by the two beaded lace projects from my previous post, they have not been the only objects of my attention in recent weeks. For I was eager to make progress with Stornoway. My two-part goal was to reach the wide point of the diamond-shaped armhole gussets and divide the stitches for the yoke. The first of these tasks was actually completed a couple of weeks ago; the second, only yesterday. And now I have done 6 rows of the front yoke. It feels *very strange* to be knitting the familiar patterns back and forth (WS and RS) rather than in-the-round!!

Here are two pictures, including the typical wide shot and a close-up of one of the gussets. As always, click on either one to get a larger view.

At one point I imagined that I would start Eriskay as soon as I reached this point with Stornoway, but now that I am here I think I will wait and get a bit further with this (and Peggy Tudor!!) before getting embroiled in yet another large-scale project on small needles.

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