Sunday, June 27, 2010

Evenstar Edging Endgame

After weeks of slow and intermittent progress, I finally passed the halfway point on the Evenstar edging last Thursday. What a relief!! And then I began to realize just how close to the end I had come. A switch seemed to flick somewhere in my brain, and the next thing I knew, I found myself locked in a marathon push to the finish line over this weekend. I guess I must have decided that the project has simply gone on long enough. That, and a certain lack of enthusiasm about picking up double-pointed needles again for the second square of the Niebling project...

But whatever the reason, the GOOD NEWS here is that I now have only *8* points to go. Here's proof (see left, and click for a closer look). The photo doesn't show off the sparkly beads very well, but I think it gets the point across.

According to my official summer timetable, I only needed to have the Evenstar finished by mid-July, just in time for my sister-in-law's wedding. But what seems to be happening is that this task and getting a new start on the Unst stole have both jumped the queue a bit, which means that my goals for the kimono, the Frejya sweater, and Eriskay (all slated for end-of-June completion) will just have to switch places. It can all wait until July, and if as a result a few of the things on the August list get postponed until September, I won't lose much sleep either. There was nothing carved in stone about the list anyway, and as long as I keep making demonstrable progress I won't have any regrets. The other thing mitigating any potential guilt right now is that my list made no mention of the Niebling wedding gift, which has turned out to be a rather larger project than I had reckoned. So we are in pretty good shape. :-)

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