Monday, November 22, 2010

Resolution (take that how you will)

I love my walk to work in the morning, because it always gives me a chance to mull things over, like impromptu lesson plans, household To Do lists, or knitting projects past, present, and future.

Today I decided on the best way to handle the growing tension between the need to wrap up WIP's and the urge to start new projects. This coming week, with the Thanksgiving holiday, will be a break from classes and should give me a chance to get some real knitting done. So... If I can manage to complete three simple tasks — (i) finish Frejya finally, tail and all, (ii) get past the heavily beaded section of Elm Row Part II (~35 more rows), and (iii) reach the armholes of Eriskay (all of which are eminently doable and within my grasp) — I will give myself permission to launch one new smaller project, like a pair of mittens or a piece of jewelry. I have a great big pile of such things in my queue, all lined up and ready to go, so now I will have both an incentive to make progress on the longstanding larger items *and* an opportunity to indulge in the easy gratification of colorful and/or shiny things that can be completed in just a day or two.

And if I play my cards right, the total project count won't ever have to go above *7*, which is where it stands right now. I think I can live with that. Happy dance!! :-)


  1. Lucky you, only 7! Your plan on keeping to that count sounds very do-able, best of luck on that!
    My own crazy WIP count is, alas, 17 and probably increasing (I didn't dare count recently) because I get ideas for Xmas presents, start them, but then get stuck...
    I have a couple of projects I should finish so I can wear them now that it's so cold. There's an incentive!

  2. 17, eh? Could be worse: people occasionally show up on Ravelry with *dozens*!! I guess it's a question of personal tolerance. I happened to panic at 12, back in June, and vowed to fix it. My eventual goal is to get it down to 4 or 5 and keep it there. Always an adventure...