Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stornoway Photos

Somehow, in the midst of letting the blog lie fallow for so long, I managed not to post any pretty pictures here of my dear hubbly wearing his Stornoway guernsey. So here are two shots of him in the sweater, holding our beloved Wobbles. We rescued this astonishingly fluffy little tiger-cat in 2008, when she was a mere 18 hours old. She had to be bottle fed for the first several weeks, until she could start to eat solid food. Her name came from watching her learn to get around on her stumpy little legs. As always, click on either photo to take a closer look.


  1. The sweater is super nice. Wonderful job of knitting and such an attractive pattern. The husband and cat aren't too bad either!

  2. Aw, THANKS. I'm rather partial to all three myself. ;-)