Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back in Business

Up & running again. *Phew*. It's been a busy few days around here...

  • My programming-savvy spouse helped me modify the Blogger template a little. No more irritatingly wide margins! The actual text area is still only 600 pixels wide, though, so even those with relatively low monitor resolution should be able to focus the browser on the right side of the page and scroll through all the posts. Please leave a comment and let me know if I am incorrect in that assumption.

  • I got my seven web-rings authenticated and all the buttons and links in place. They make me happy.

  • I organized my online photo albums and brushed up on enough HTML to take better control of how pictures appear in the blog.

  • And while I was at it, I came up with a way to use my favorite web-authoring software to manage all of my blog posts at this end, so that I can compose off-line and keep my own archive. Good thing I didn't wait any longer to make that last part happen, because going back through and retrieving clean copies of all the posts one at a time was laborious enough as it is. The task would have been completely daunting, had I not started now with the blog still in its infancy.

Mischief managed — and now on to more important things, like knitting and occasionally writing about it.

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