Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Enchanting Entrelac

Entrelac, I have decided, can be dangerous.

It is highly addictive, quickly induces a trance-like state in the knitter, and because of the intertwined rows, has no obvious "stopping places." It is WAY too easy (as with potato chips or "Crunch & Munch" or certain controlled substances), to keep saying, Just one more, & then I'll quit...

Recently, in the course of one particularly susceptible 24-hour period with a lot of NCIS in the background, I managed to complete the first cycle through all 9 skeins on both the front and the back, and then to start the second one. When I finally came out of the daze & looked down at what I had accomplished, I was more than a little bit stunned at how far I had come.

Here are the results. As before, the notional "back" is on the left, and the "front" on the right. They are starting to look like real sweater pieces now! Click on either image to get a closer look.

The palest ivory skein (#6) and the one with the heaviest concentration of light blue (#8) both stand out from the rest as much as I knew they inevitably would, but I am still quite pleased with the blend overall. To help things along, I think I will start the sleeves with skein #7, so that the relatively dark band now appearing around the upper chest will have an echo at the cuffs. That will unify the look of the sweater as a whole. Since skein #1, which did the ribbing for both front & back, is also running low, I will be glad to restrict its use on the sleeves to a relatively narrow band slightly above the ribbing.

Happy knitting!!

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