Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fabulous Fjörgyn, Burgundy Bliss

Today I finally sewed the buttons on my burgundy Fjörgyn coat. They're the same yummy walnut buttons that I used for my husband's version, and were purchased online from Camilla Valley Farm in Ontario.

The Icelandic wool fabric is so dense — especially after its hot water wash — that it took a full three days to dry. But now it's all done!!! And I feel fabulous about the way it turned out, especially the fit. It's ample enough to be like a wearable blanket (which will be wonderful in the depths of winter, when my husband will want to turn the thermostat way down), but not overwhelming because I scaled it down to suit my stature, especially in the sleeves. I also love the rich heather, which has tiny flecks of orange and and green and turquoise against the deep burgundy background. It reminds me of pinot noir.

Here are some pictures of the finished product. As always, click on any one of them to get a closer look...


  1. Oh it is such a beautiful sweater- the color is so rich, yet the cables pop out perfectly (and I can hardly believe that I am coveting such a sweater when it remains over 100 degrees here in Texas!