Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Peggy Tudor: 1st whole panel

Last night I finally finished the first panel for Peggy Tudor!!

Here it is.

One down, and "only" 15 more to go.

That's 5 each front and back, plus 3 for each sleeve.

So this is just the first big milestone.

I've got some *serious* knitting ahead of me.

But it's lots of fun (even if the pattern requires a bit of concentration).

This will be the center back.

As you can see, there's a partial motif at the top (18 out of 44 rows).

That's in order to allow the center *front* to end on a complete thistle at the neckline.

So this panel consists of (5 x 44) + 18 = 238 rows.

It is a long skinny panel.

I love the elegantly undulating edges with their touch of lace.

They will become a striking feature of the finished sweater.

Of course, what I have here is a LONG SKINNY PICTURE to mark the occasion.

Hence the short, choppy paragraphs, because I needed to fill the space.



  1. I have admired this sweater from afar and will follow your progress with great interest. Great colour! Once I went out and bought all the buttons, that is as far as I got.