Saturday, July 18, 2009

Two Milestones

I was a bit surprised to discover just now that an entire *week* has gone by since my last post. I guess I have been doing more knitting than typing lately, and in the past few days the lighting was not good for photographs either. But I got some pictures in this morning, and there is now happy progress to report.

I have finished the knitting for my burgundy Fjörgyn coat. The sleeves, button plackets, and collar are all complete, so it is all done except for the sewing. LOTS of sewing, but that's another story... Here is a picture of the sleeves, which I modified to make them narrower (in keeping with my decidedly un-Walkyre-like stature) and shorter. Click for a larger view.

I also finished the front & back for the Spring Bouquet entrelac. It is shaping up really well. Here are wide shots and closeups of both pieces. Click any one of the four for a closer look.

These two sweaters have been lots of fun to knit, but I'll still be very happy to have them both done before August arrives with all of its back-to-school fury, not to mention the other projects (like the Great Guernsey Adventure) that are waiting in the wings...

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